About Cfaith Media

Cfaith Media is a modern Christian media with a wide array of businesses across media, technology, advertising and marketing. Cfaith Media is the proud Sponsor of Cfaith Christian Broadcast – The Nigerian’s most diversified none-church affiliated Broadcasting Network.​


Welcome To Cfaith Media

Every service that we offer is based on providing churches, charities and businesses with commercially aware solutions that are contemporary, engaging and relavant. Our end goal is to allow Christian organisations to communicate and operate on a higher level, a level that demands attention.

Who We Are

We are a team of friends who also happen to be web designers, developers, and graphic designers. We’ve worked together with brands and startups of all types, sizes, and industries.

What We Do

We can handle all of your digital marketing and design needs. We build beautiful websites, design compelling logos and graphics, craft print designs that work, and handle website hosting and maintenance for our clients – all at a price they can afford.

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